RADIATE your intimate nature inthis INTERNATIONAL and interdisciplinary CIRCLE of women.


HEROINES is a non-profit, non-governmental platform founded in 2019 by a collective of self made women from different countries and artistic backgrounds. Each year, artists and cultural managers create a radical innovate project that aims to create about female intimacy in places where the topic is still taboo. We strive to engage in collaborative, multidisciplinary practices in order to open a discussion, stimulate future imaginaries, and overcome societal issues related to female intimacy. The Heroines create every year a nomadic exhibition called the Enclosed Garden which journeys into the female psyche. This project creates an experience for the audience as much as a a deep healing process for the participants.



Through site-specific research, we dismantle explicit and implicit forms of censorship in order to celebrate and better apprehend female intimacy. We promote networking between local cultural managers, artists and institutions who would have never been able to meet without this initiative since they come from different countries, social conditions, education and artistic backgrounds: 6 artists from abroad and 6 artists from the target country collaborate together.  



In only 3 weeks, the selected artists learn to live, work, and create together an exhibition. HEROINES prove here that a cultural project can be handle in countries in development with a small budget. With such an intensive format, we nourish creativity and delivers spontaneous and uncompromising art.



The exhibition opens only after dark, when focus is at its peak, and mental barriers can break down. We create a safe and free space for artists to present their inner world and for the audience to experience art. The artworks of the exhibition are not only observed: they are touched, listened to, and even smelled. HEROINES is a full body experience.


HEROINES covers the travels expenses, material costs, perdiems, accommodations, workspaces, and the exhibition venue for 12 artists per year. Our artistic practices are based on intensive research that bridges anthropology, sociology and psychology into a new form of collective exploration. 



research, create about the nebulous concept of intimacy.

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Perfume art

Drawings Paintings


Target country  



Abandoned building in Tbilisi,

A labyrinth of alcoves for women.


September => Research & creation

October => Exhibition & Talks 


Celia Stroom GERMANY

Bussaraporn Thongchai THAILAND

Sarai Merodio Ogara SPAIN

Diane Barbe GERMANY

Benedetta Barzini ITALY

Rezvan Farsijani IRAN

Stephanie-Lucie Mathern FRANCE

Laure Slabiak FRANCE

Natacha Nikouline FRANCE 

Elsa Stroom FRANCE

Salomé Jashi GEORGIA

Ekaterina Makhatadze GEORGIA

Nino Namitcheishvili GEORGIA

Xosilita Xose GEORGIA

Imako Gogiashvili GEORGIA

Nutsa Iashvili GEORGIA

Ketevan Gunia GEORGIA

Tinatin Tsurkava GEORGIA

Ketevan Kutateladze GEORGIA

Tam Poniava GEORGIA


you are an artist or a cultural manager

you work on the topic of women empowering

you speak in english

you are ready to open up about your intimacy

you can teach to others and learn from them

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Send something about you, like Laure Slabiac did.

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