A not-for-profit platform dedicated to inventing new formats of artistic events to go beyond intimate taboos.

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We produce transnational collaborations Between ARTISTS & arts managers from liberticides societies.
WE QUESTION the disappearance of intimacy in CONTEMPORARY society and propose new formats of events to STIMULATE DEEP connections AMONG PEOPLE.


* Behind the name...

Hērōḯnē and the suffix "ḯnē" means "of the nature of being a Hērōs (Ancient Greek). It is a gender-neutral term for a person who acts with courage. 

Therefore the word "heroines" is not gendered. Our wave is made of humans who strive to create wild and free art events, outside of the box. Whether in air, water or in the space-time continuum, our community keeps moving from one place to another, creating wavelike connections & vibrations.

They add and subtract, as they pass through each other, and then, continue their way, full of substrates of all kinds.

Our name in tribute to the Claude Cahun essay Heroines (1930)

"Under this mask, another mask.

Shuffle the cards.

Masculine? Feminine?

It depends on the situation.

Neuter is the only gender that suits me.

I know where I go, I want to guide you,

My awkward design, will not injure you.

The non gendered is the heroine among heroines." 


HEROINES'WAVE *(HW)  is an independent lab run by a collaborative open-system network of artists, art managers and researchers. Founded in 2019 in multicultural Berlin, HW dedicates their energy to produce live and online art gatherings about real intimacy. Some projects support women specifically in strict patriarchal countries, while other projects support queer communities across different societies, at the intersection of queer and feminist activism.

All the projects are devoted to emotional processing, collective healing, and innovative art management strategies. HW: 

  • Create: collective artworks, alternative concepts & methods, hybrid curatorial approaches, often surrealist, to weave utopia, dystopia to prosaic realities.


  • Connect: nurturing collaborations among people that can't travel, to deconstruct ethnocentrism and imagining new ways of exchanges.


  • Learn: exchanging skills, and going beyond our cultural convictions.


HW does not have pyramidal structure and a single manager. Therefore, everyone is welcome to propose a project. We consider that we always have more chance to get grants when we unite forces, talents, cv and skills. 

Imagined by : 

This utopian platform has been imagined Salomé Jashi and Celia Stroom, joined in 2020 by Diane Barbé, Bussaraporn Thongchai, Annina Lehmann and in 2021 Anna Frick. As the team works on voluntary basis, you are welcome to donate (+) or/and join us (+).  

Projects :

The inaugural project of the platform was proposed by Celia Stroom. As a curator, she defends a new museology/expology that challenges the social and political roles of museums, outside of white cubes, stimulating strong experiences for the artists and the audience. Encouraging a new format of exhibition in contrast to the traditional collections-centred museum models, she has elaborated for the past ten years a format of multisensory and multidisciplinary exhibition labelled as ”The Enclosed Garden" (TEG).

In November 2021, the sound researcher Diane Barbé will launch The W(e)ave, an experimental sound platform harboring testimonials from queer and FLINT voices from all over the world. This new format of podcast will be launched on a digital platform designed to stimulate new imaginaries of relations of care and respect for all living beings.

2018 TEG1 Georgia (research trip) (JAN->NOV)

2019 TEG1 Georgia (SEPT) 

2020 TEG3 Thailand (research trip) (JAN)

          TEG2 Online with 22 countries 

2021 TEG3 Thailand (APRIL)

          TEG4 Uzbekistan (research trip) (OCT)

          The Weave1 Berlin (DEC)

2022 TEG4 Uzbekistan (OCT)

In Georgia the project was invited and co-managed by the Georgian filmmaker & activist Salomé Jashi. In 2020, the web artist Celia Stroom designed a nighttime labyrinth to explore intimated thoughts of women from 22 In 2021, it was initiated an co-managed by the Thai artist & activist Bussaraporn Thongchai.In 2022, we are looking for an Uzbek co-manager. 

Supported by:

- IFA Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen > TEG4 Uzbekistan + TEG3 Thailand

- Music Board Berlin The Weave1 Berlin

GOETHE INSTITUT The International Coproduction FundTEG3 Thailand

- Goethe Institut  > TEG1 Georgia TEG3 Thailand

- French Institut Thailand TEG1 Georgia TEG3 Thailand

- UN WOMEN TEG3 Thailand

- Womens fund of GeorgiaTEG1 Georgia

- STEP - European Cultural Foundation > TEG1 Georgia

- Ministry of Culture of Georgia / Program Creative Georgia > TEG1 Georgia

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How an exhibition project can re-create links among humans ?

"The enclosed garden" (TEG) is composed of a residency of research and creation isolated in a safe space in the countryside. It's followed by a hidden exhibition installed in a former building. The audience informed by networking and by word of mouth rings the bell and open the door of a space designed by 10 women (5 from the host country and 5 from abroad). Room after room, they discover a free space where womxn work towards opening up about psychological, political, societal perceptions. 


How locked away from our intimate realities are we?

The project challenges our personal perception of Nature (outside) and our own nature (inside). The enclosed garden is a place where we contemplate, dialogue with each element to cut ourselves off from our society where we learn to deny the Nature and Our unique individual nature. The enclosed garden project is an island, bringing everyone far from daily routine and offering a space for equality, learning, healing. The short duration of a month triggers a searing shock which feeds the creative energy. Every day we investigate links between our past and present, our vision of reality and our surrealist imaginations, between utopia and dystopia. This exhibition project works around this tension, generating an inner explosion, that artists share later on with the audience, who are offered the possibility to experience an intimate moment, far from the clinical and aseptic atmosphere of the white cubes. We call this exhibition format an EXPLOSITION


What are the conditions ?


TEG happens every year in a new country. Producing such an ambitious project represents significant costs. Therefore, HW raises funds to prepare the project, to finance the residency space and to cover the budget for the production of the exhibition. t also provides artists with accommodation on site and daily stipends. If artists cannot apply for a travel grant, HW support travel fees as well. Moreover, all artists receive equal fees for the exhibition, no matter the country where they come from.


Towards a new format of exhibition.

2019 2020 2021 
22 countries THAILAND
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This platform for digital and sound projects weaves intimate testimonials of queer humans. Radio and Websites can be heard and seen from mobiles, everywhere. No matter where we are, listening to testimonials from all around the world, we suddenly enter the private sphere of humans who release often for the first time hidden thoughts.


Through brand new online digital interfaces, the voices of spontaneous contributors, in line with the ethics of sociological research, are protected through anonymity, but help shed light on larger issues of oppression, isolation and silencing.

Our LAB strives to uplift and empower these marginalized voices: all of the sudden, they are the voices of the many.




Towards digital intimacy.

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Artists who join our projects are focusing their research on 'what intimacy is' from a psychological, political, sociological and anthropological perspective.

Intimacy implies reciprocity, transparency, unreserved exchange. Members of the Heroines'Wave aim to follow these principles in their process of collaboration since Intimacy is based on a very close familiar and effective connection with others.

Heroines'Wave strive to dismantle explicit and implicit forms of censorship in order to better apprehend together the social and ontological resonances of intimacy in our capitalist & individualist society. 

< Listen the artists who joined our projects.


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Now, let's open the door of 31 enclosed gardens,

these inner worlds, shelters, prisons or pyres! 

With such willful extravagance, gardening the unconscious, providing every reasons to let go its hold,

from beating hearts to wild grasses,

immersing in the heart of human psychology,

gardens of quills, of thrilling sounds,

all these womxn from all over the world know well how to bewitch,


weave dream

to reality.

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