An international feminist network explores the paradox surrounding intimacy, rooted in sexism and oppression.

Through collective laboratories, exhibitions, digital projects, podcasts, and historical studies,

we strive to weave transdisciplinary research and creation between womxn who are isolated in their life and invent together new formats of art projects to go beyond intimate issues without any limitations.

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TEG 2019 - Soundscape Diane Barbé
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Since 2019, a group of Berlin based womxn joined there skills and ideas to give a shape to the organisation. The curator Celia Stroom initiated HeroinesWave with the inaugural project THE ENCLOSED GARDEN (TEG), a PopUP nighttime exhibition program for womxn. Every year emergent artists from East, North, South and West are selected for a month of experimental investigation & artistic practice in a country in development to challenge there the political and psychological impact of intimacy.


In 2019, the network gathered 20 women from 7 countries in Georgia to live and work together for the 1rst edition of TEG. In 2020, the 2nd edition for 30 women from 23 countries went online. In 2021, TEG is invited for the Bangkok Biennial. HeroinesWave is a laboratory of research and creation managed by Diane Barbé (French), Salomé Jashi (Georgian), Bussaraporn Thongchai (Thai), Cloe Crettaz (Switzerland), Annina Lehmann (Germany), and Dora Durkesac (Croatia). 


From 2021, 4 departments will propose a program of projects and calls. THE ENCLOSED GARDEN / THE WEAVE / THE ROOTS / THE CRISTALLISATION








residency & exhibition program

In this new kind of exhibition, we question physical and emotional behaviors. How locked away from our intimate realities are we? 

One of the challenges of the selected artists is to create a series of artworks within 2 weeks of residency and to exhibit them a week later. With such an intensive format, we enhance spontaneous creativity. The artists take up the challenge to create in immersion, living together and working continuously in order to blend their different visions of the concept of Intimacy. 

This event happens every year in a new country where women are not free to express themselves.Producing such an ambitious project represents significant costs. Therefore, the network raises funds to prepare the project, to finance the residency space and to cover the budget for the production of the exhibition. It also provides artists with accommodation on site and daily stipends. If artists cannot apply for a travel grant, HEROINES support travel fees as well. Moreover, all artists receive equal fees for the exhibition, no matter the country where they come from.



sound & digital projects

This platform for digital and sound projects is based on intimate testimonials of womxn. Radio and Websites can be heard and seen from every mobiles, everywhere. No matter where we are, listening womxn’s testimonials from all around the world, we suddenly enter the private sphere of humans who release often for the first time hidden thoughts. Through brand new online digital interfaces, the voices of the participants, in line with the ethics of sociological research, are protected through anonymity, but help shed light on larger issues of oppression, isolation and silencing.


Heroines strives to uplift and empower these marginalised voices: all of the sudden, they are the voices of the many.

The W(E)AVE is composed of podcasts, calls for music compositions, online digital interface.


The W(E)AVE is an homage to Virginia Woolf who called our attention to the erasure of women in most narratives: “For most of history, Anonymous was a woman”.

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Walking through our Botanical exhibition
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Ressources about women pioneers 

Every year, HeroinesWave choose a topic of exploration. Then women are free to submit ressources whenever they like. 

The main page of HeroinesWave exhibits every year pictures coming from this library that grows month after month. 

Please send us texts, images, on heroineswave@gmail.com

In 2020, the focus is the pioneers in photography 1890-1960.



Research gathering and a Magazine 

Starting from 2021, HeroinesWave will organise monthly in Berlin a session of research about the vague concept of Intimacy and new ways of creation and dissemination of new methods of work and knowledge.

Our research will be then published on an e-magazine bymonthly. 

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All the artists who join all our projects are focusing their research on the study on what intimacy is, from a psychological, political, sociological and anthropological perspective.

Intimacy implies reciprocity, transparency, unreserved exchange. The Heroines follow these principles in their process of work since Intimacy is based on a very close familiar and effective connection with others as a result of a number of common experiences.


Their management is therefore based on flat hierarchy and  these values unites the artists who joined every year THE ENCLOSED GARDEN, THE W(E)AVE and THE ROOTS.

Here, we strive to dismantle explicit and implicit forms of censorship in order to better apprehend together the social and ontological resonances of intimacy in contemporary society.

< Listen what inspire the artists who join Heroines.







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Together, let's open the door of the enclosed garden,

this inner world, the shelter, the prison or the pyre,  the greenhouse. 

With such willful extravagance, gardening the unconscious, providing every reason to let go its hold, from beating heart to wild grasses, immersing in the heart of female psychology, gardens of quills,

colors and

thrilling sounds,

all the selected artists of this annual event know well how to bewitch,


weave dreams

& reality.


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