The residency program takes place isolated in nature.

We operate as a circle that breaks down discipline boundaries and focuses on sharing. We draw, write, sing, dance, walk, study botanic, the local ecosystem, interview women stories from the village. Through mutual exchange, we let go our preconceived notions about our artistic work, and accept that we will learn by doing and “do it together” (DIT).

“If you want to go fast, go alone.

                     If you want to go far, go together.”

Our methodology is inspired from the Bauhaus school's concept of interdisciplinary creation, and aims to empower intuitive cognition and emotional connexion. Through listening, artists coming from different cultures initiate a powerful new artistic movement with common values to defend. They also get new artistic skills which are not taught in the host country.


THE ENCLOSED GARDEN questions the “white cube” concept, the unique scenography in every gallery where the contemporary art is exhibited.

Celia Stroom rather proposes a

“multi-folded labyrinth” without blank walls and empty corners, where artworks can be touched, smelled, and listened.


The exhibition is shaped as a ritualistic show where everyone, audience and artists can go beyond their psychological borders, feeling safe to express themselves, from tears, to silence or scream.

*Expology: concept of exhibition





In small intimate groups, visitors are given access to what the curator calls an Enclosed garden*

During the residency, artists carefully work their way toward creating a collective show of unprecedented form: an exhibition, a performative show, a happening. Their personal enclosed garden opens only at night when focus is at its peak, and mental barriers break down and do not take place in an official institution dedicated to contemporary arts.


Passing from one room to the next, visitors will find themselves in the midst of true cabinets of curiosities, playing on accumulation and on surprises of every shape and kind, whether visual, sonorous, or olfactory. This live enclosed garden sets for boundless imagination, calling forth surprise and wonder, sometimes even dwelling upon the phantasmagorical.

*Enclosed garden, Hortus Conclusus, is a concept appearing in the 11th century in literature, philosophy, theology, crafts and architecture, refers to the metaphor of the female psyche in many countries.



Salomé Jashi GEORGIA

Artistic Director

Celia Stroom - GERMANY

Artists  in  Residence (12)

Bussaraporn Thongchai - THAILAND

Sarai Merodio Ogara - SPAIN

Diane Barbe - GERMANY

Rezvan Farsijani - IRAN

Stephanie-Lucie Mathern - FRANCE

Laure Slabiak - FRANCE

Natacha Nikouline - FRANCE 

Ekaterina Makhatadze GEORGIA

Nino Namitcheishvili GEORGIA

Xosilita Xose GEORGIA

Imako Gogiashvili GEORGIA

Nutsa Iashvili GEORGIA

Designers for the exhibition

Ketevan Gunia GEORGIA

Tinatin Tsurkava GEORGIA

Ketevan Kutateladze GEORGIA


Ministry of culture of GEORGIA

Creative Europe

Goethe Institute

Institut Français

European Cultural Foundation

Women's fund of Georgia

Sakdoc production

Studio Stroom