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Georgia 2019

1| Still life portraits: intimate objects.


Series of 12 photographic prints.

Design set: collective artwork 

Light & Photo : Natacha Nikouline

2| Women penetrating 


Vocal polyphonic Performance with body installation by the 12 women.

Design set: collective artwork 

Music composition - Celia Stroom

Perfume of menstruation: Quentin Bisch

3| Wondering in the corridor


Entering the desires, passions, furies embedded deep into a thorny forest. Storms and clouds go by, in anguish, and the voice of a wounded nymph seeps through the bushes and flowers.

Perfume of Burning forest : Quentin Bisch

Soundscape composition: Diane Barbé

Solo performance: "In the garden of my soul": Laure Slabiak +

Vegetal installation: Collective artwork

4|  Locked in the bathroom

This room installation relates to the author’s childhood memories, when she would isolate herself in the toilet for hours to explore the feeling of loneliness and build up a world of her own. (The visitor has to lock himself inside the room.)

Installation and mirror video: Salomé Jashi

Soundscape composition: Diane Barbé 

5| Traumatology 

A woman takes off her shell and lets you in her old bedroom. She tells you stories of wartime and occupation, of fathers abducted and mothers abandoned, stories of fear and resilience.

Solo performance: Nino Namitcheishvili

6| Objectified woman

The pink, the soft, and the sexy.  The artwork explores struggles & pains of women being constantly objectified.

Solo performance and text: Xosilita 

Cabinet of curiosities  : Natacha Nikouline

7| The dry garden

A young woman is on the floor, sporadically sketching with dusty black charcoal. Her hands are full of dust, her hair is entangled, her world full of clouds.

Installation : Celia Stroom

Performance & Drawings : Saraï Ogara

8| The Hair

Installation for hair, music box, leather, vocal cords, perfume of the frost and death

Tribute to The Rape by Magritte.

Texts, Installation, Vocals:  Celia Stroom

Perfume of the frost and snow: Quentin Bisch

9|  Under the dress, whispers & mutilation

The time is for teacups and rose-scented biscuits, sour memories and sweet incense.

Textile Installation & Performance: Rezvan Farsijani

Drawings: Laure Slabiak

Paintings: Stephanie-Lucie Mathern

Soundscape : Diane Barbé

10| A tribute to Georgian female painters living in the streets of Tbilisi. 

Installation,performance: Bussaraporn Thongchai

Recording of interviews: Nutsa Iashvili

11| Lost paradise 

Desperate, privileged, locked up in a modern lifestyle that won't let storms come through. Eat your prescription pills, honey, and keep the show going.

Karaoke performance and installation: Stephanie-Lucie Mathern & Natasha Nikouline


12| Skin room

Together we find shelter, find relief under our scratched up skins. Vibrations create warmth and heal our deepest wounds. The ocean of sound is always there.

Sound bath: Ekaterine Makhatadze

Soundscape composer: Diane Barbé

Perfume of the skin under the sun: Quentin Bisch

Performance: Xosilita, Nutsa Iashvili, Nino Namitcheishvili, Sarai Ogara, Ima Gogiashvili

00:00 / 07:21




Salomé Jashi GEORGIA

Artistic Director

Celia Stroom - FRANCE

Artists  in  Residence (12)

Bussaraporn Thongchai - THAILAND

Sarai Merodio Ogara - SPAIN

Diane Barbe - GERMANY

Rezvan Farsijani - IRAN

Stephanie-Lucie Mathern - FRANCE

Laure Slabiak - FRANCE

Natacha Nikouline - FRANCE 

Ekaterina Makhatadze GEORGIA

Nino Namitcheishvili GEORGIA

Xosilita Xose GEORGIA

Imako Gogiashvili GEORGIA

Nutsa Iashvili GEORGIA

Designers for the exhibition

Ketevan Gunia GEORGIA

Tinatin Tsurkava GEORGIA

Ketevan Kutateladze GEORGIA


Ministry of culture of GEORGIA

Creative Europe

Goethe Institute

Institut Français

European Cultural Foundation

Women's fund of Georgia

Sakdoc production

Studio Stroom


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