A network of women who meets in THE ENCLOSED GARDEN, a residency & exhibition program in countries where free expression is a challenge.

Collective performance 2019 - Sound designer Diane Barbé
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HEROINES is a non profit organisation composed of artists, cultural managers from different cultural, social and artistic backgrounds. It has been created by Celia Stroom, a curator, museologist and artist who explores new ways of exhibition and immersion of the audience. She has imagined THE ENCLOSED GARDEN, a night exhibition which happens only in countries where women cannot feel free to create about childhood, dreams, politic, so to say, their vision of the world . Every year, twelve emergent artists from East, North, South and West are selected. Year after year, the network of Heroines grows. Women from the past editions either engage themselves as volunteers in the board of managers and others develop initiatives in their countries about issues related to intimacy. 

In 2019, THE ENCLOSED GARDEN #1 took place in Tbilisi (Georgia) and was organized by the Georgian producer and filmmaker Salome Jashi.

In 2020, THE ENCLOSED GARDEN #2 is invited in Bangkok (Thailand) by the Thai social worker and artist Bussaraporn Thongchai




How are women shaped by their education, the invective of society, and their vision of themselves and the world? 

In THE ENCLOSED GARDEN, artists question physical and emotional behavior, their feeling of freedom or lockdown, that is always constrained by the society in which we all live and the world we have mentally built since childhood. 


All the artists who apply are focusing their research on the study of the concept of intimacy from a psychological, political, sociological and anthropological perspective.


True intimacy implies reciprocity, transparency, unreserved exchanges, as well as deep communion. This is such an impressive challenge for the artists, 6 from abroad and 6 from the host country, who collaborate for 3 weeks isolated in nature.

Through this communitarian residency, we  promote networking between local and international women who would have never met without THE ENCLOSED GARDEN. Here, we dismantle the explicit and implicit forms of censorship in order to better apprehend together the social and ontological resonances of intimacy in contemporary society.



One of the challenges of the team is to create a series of artworks in only in 2 weeks and to exhibit them the next week. With such an intensive format, we nourish creativity and deliver spontaneous art. The artists take up the challenge to create in immersion, living together and working continuously in order to blend their different visions of the concept of Intimacy.

 ••> January to June • fund raising

 ••> July • artists selection by a board made of artists from the previous edition and specialists of the contemporary art world (patrons of art, art critics, curators). 

 ••> November: residency + exhibition


The cost to maintain an artist residency program can be quite significant for a nonprofit organization; and not all programs are able to cover expenses through grants and donations (such as flights, accommodation, material costs, food and fees).

HEROINES provides a workshop space for creation, a venue, accommodations and food.


In addition, all participants are paid equally for the exhibition show accorded to the standard proposed by the European Artists Rights  + 

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Shame & Fear in Female Psychology  
Podcast with the curator on
Soundscape composition by Diane Barbe 
Voices of the team of Georgia 2019 

Together, let's open the door of the enclosed garden, this inner world, the refuge, the pyre, the prison or the greenhouse. With such willful extravagance, gardening the unconscious, providing every reason to let go its hold, from beating heart to wild grasses, immersing in the heart of female psychology, gardens of quills, colors and thrilling sounds, all the selected artists of this annual event know well how to bewitch, amaze, and weave dreams.

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