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 ​               and Accept 
                      or not.
ROOM 3. 
It's late afternoon.
Here it is about you
and the world.
Your relationships with others.
     Open the window,
Drink something
8 women try to escape from the feeling of isolation. Communication with others could be the key. 
You are alone even if your phone mentions #TogetherStaySafe
You receive an sms / illusion of Togetherness
It triggers as usual bad feelings. You might feel useless.
"Let's play basketball she says".
SMS - Elissa Ecker - American
POEMS TO MY LOVED ONESYixiao Yao - Chinese
00:00 / 06:01
This is a correspondence between me and my friends during the pandemic. I wrote poems and sent them. They were asked to send me back the recordings of the poems in whatever the ways they want. I put them together to create this sound piece. The process of editing is also an interaction.
elissa ecker 1.jpg
Screen Shot 2020-08-07 at 16.08.39.png
elissa ecker 4.jpg
elissa ecker 3.jpg
March 2020: in a messy and apocalyptic world, my mind is egotistically obsessed with my love life. Realizing that my first 28 years on this earth have been lived in total celibacy, I panic and start searching for potential lovers via dating sites. Some do not react to my messages, although I can see them online, probably insufficiently stimulated by my profile. Others agree for a walk, if it does not rain, Saturday afternoon or next Tuesday. That does not sound promising. Often, almost always, communication stops for no obvious reason, although we are still online. Attention and curiosity disappear. Will they all remain virtual fantasies?
Thanks to the Internet, multiplied screens are our new fragmented windows to the outside world. Connected with anyone, anywhere, anytime. However, isolated.
Alone and lonely in a room. Through a vocal and visual poem, I deconstruct my thoughts in the form of short sentences that one uses to arrange a meeting with a stranger. Hesitant and polite, "two simple letters" imply permanent insecurity, modesty, timidity — avoiding to offend or frighten the interlocutor. To put a lighter tone on this self-ironic situation, I consciously use playful pop-elements, both with sound and color effects.
 Miljana Nikovic - Serbian  
Normally, you would drink a bottle of wine with your friends or family.Assuming you drink at all.
But during the confinement, nothing is normal. So I drink alone and share all my hidden thoughts with the world.
 Anne Isensee - German | 1 BOTTLE OF WINE
Yael Barlev - Iyad - Garbage room or Sti
 Yael Barlev - Israel | STILL LIFE WITH BOTTLE

This work was done during the Covid19 lockdown as a reaction to an act our police did. Iyad al Halak, palestinian autistic guy from East-Jerusalem, suspected by mistake of being armed, shot to death in a garbage room, where he was hiding. The thought of his helplessness and fear against the policemen, made me react. I took photos 15 years ago, that were related to the post-expressionism and embroidered parts of the incident and parts of Iyad's story.


I felt very nervous, restless and angry, and was looking for a way to get the anger out. The "weapon" I choose was the needle that made holes in the paper. In every stabbing, I felt the air coming out of me like a balloon and it took me a long time to relax.

The  sisyphean, slow and automatic embroidery act was like meditation for me and helped me get over this case after a long time.

elissa ecker - GRASSABS.SAUSAGE2.jpg
elissa ecker -  GardenGloves.jpg
 Elissa Ecker - American  

In 28 days you too can have visible abs, a perkier butt, toned arms, and a glowy disposition. I am part of a generation (elderly millennial) where optimization rules supreme: control is sold as a commodity that comes in picket fences and athleisure wear. “Backyard 6-packs and BBQ musings” were created during a time when all the parks closed in Bangkok and green space was a thing to construct and control. Daily COVID check-ins with family halfway across the world consisted of briefings of their backyards, workouts, and meals.


I created my own green space with faux grass, fabric, and plastic pearls. Making the abs I could have achieved in quarantine, the useless garden gloves that are best for looking at and sausages that can only decorate. The ‘Backyard’ grows and changes daily in my studio. It’s both a reminder of the abs I didn’t achieve and the only grass I own. 

elissa ecker - Backyard6packinstall2.jpg
Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 10.49.49.png
Fiorella D'angelo -Uruguayan 
Lucía Sciandro- Uruguayan  
We visually explore the unique predicament in which we find ourselves since the arrival of the Covid-19. Ironically, despite the isolation, we are highly connected globally by the common thread of the virus. Ironically, the areas of greatest expressive capacity for human beings, which are the parts of the body associated with love, communication, intimacy and connection; the hands, the face and the mouth, are suddenly reconfigured as sites of conflict, and possible infection. It is in the midst of this particularly absurd chaos that we created this video, with the body as a starting point. Love and Pandemics: a Manual, tries to show how far we can go to avoid loneliness, to connect with others. At the same time, the video represents a critical vision of the anthropocentrism that has characterized our existence on earth.
 Navya Sah - Indian
   "What is the difference between me and the world?
38 pages
A collection of micro poetry to be read at the end of the day
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