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on gender / body


on gender body

Our tapestry "On Gender/Body" is woven with the elements:


>> Historical activist references <<

Judith Butler, Why Bodies Matter, Conference in Lisbon, 2015 (19')

Sara Ahmed, Disorientation and Queer Objects, in Queer Phenomenology, 2006 (text)

>> Anonymous testimonial <<

Seeds of  by R.S. (2’37) 

>> Visual artists <<

For this first season of The Weave, we pay tribute to the surrealist nonbinary photographer Claude Cahun (1894-1954). Their works were reimagined through a collage by the multimedia artist Celia Stroom.

>> Commissioned sound artist <<

On Gender related body modifications (79’09). 

Based on an interview with Cru Encarnação (conducted in December 2021). Created, synthesised sounds and online feedback materials designed by Kim Wichera.


Male-female genital difference is actually an arbitrary, historically over-evaluated aesthetic (an ensemble of shapes judged in relation to a value scale) according to which the human has only two possibilities: penetrating penis, penetrated vagina. ... Outside of this binary aesthetic, any body is regarded as pathological, and consequently becomes the object of a normalisation described as ‘therapeutic’.

–Preciado, Paul B.. An Apartment on Uranus.


Gender related body modification as an non-binary person is a two part talk between the artists Cru Encarnação and Kim Wichera. They haven’t spoken to each other before and talk about their experience before, during and after gender related surgeries.


Cru Encarnação (they/them or he/him) is a performance artist, writer and translator born in Lisbon and based in Berlin. In their work, they seek to create open-ended brainstorms that platform the cognitive-motorical and chemical-physical expansion of socially constructed meaning. His dissociative, fictional and speculative modus operandi discloses a fragile yet vicious reality.


Kim Wichera (they/them) is an artist and activist based in Berlin, Germany. Their works have been part of the Berlin Biennale, the Biennale for Electroacoustic Music, the CTM Transmediale Festival and TanzTage Berlin. Kim works at Weglaufhaus, an anti-psychiatric institution in Berlin, and is co-editor of books critical of psychiatry [Gegendiagnose I, Gegendiagnose II]. Member of INTAR [International Network Towards Alternatives and Right-based Supports] and IDHA [Institute for the Development of Human Arts New York].


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