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Thailand 2021

Explore a labyrinth made by women artists from 7 countries

Ancre 1

1| Non verbal, Non Gendered bodies

imagined by Celia Stroom.


A team of non binary Beings welcome the audience in a vocal, sculptural, photographic and video installation. Only the body speaks. No words. No gender.

> Installations fixed on bodies : collective artwork

> Series of 40 photographs: Theeprachan Chaichana

> Polyphonic composition: collective artwork

> Video Installation : Maria Kazvan, Wilawan Wiangthong, Celia Stroom.

2| Room of one's own

imagined by YunYoung Kim, Wilawan Wiangthong,  Kamonlak Suckchai.


5 women invite the audience to enter their bedroom. The space where they hide themselves from family and societal oppression.

> Textile installation: collective artwork 

> Performances - YunYoung Kim, Celia Stroom, Wilawan Wiangthong, Huiying Ng,  Kamonlak Suckchai.

> Perfume of menstruation: Quentin Bisch

3| Political disagreements

imagined by Bussaraporn Thongchai.


We switch from the mystical poetry of the first 2 rooms to break the Silence about political issues that affect our self development. 5 women are interacting, arguing, exposing their intimate stories tracing the invasion of physical and psychological spaces.

> Soundscape composition: Diane Barbé

> Body painting Performance : Jomtian Jansomrag, Bussaraporn Thongchai, Maria Kazvan, Wilawan Wiangthong, Huiying Ng.

> Textile map: Collective artwork

4|  Nariphon Tree ritual

imagined by Diane Barbé, Ekatarine Makhatadze and Huiying Ng..

We learn from each other how to find ways to heal, through silent activities as the exhibition moves into the last room, gathered under a Nariphon tree in Isaan.

Installation: Collective artwork

Sculptures: Collective artwork

Polyphonic composition : Celia Stroom, interpreted by all the group.




A private happening with activists,

A residency isolated in nature for 10 women


A nighttime exhibition show.


"Through lockdowns, rules, and oppression, we may have all become isolated in our fears and unrealised dreams. Is silence a shelter or a prison? Aren’t the spaces that we consider intimate or private, in the end, shaped by the hierarchies of power? What does silence mean in Thai Society, a place which is ruled by the religious, royal, and national hegemony?"

In 5 min Diane Barbé tells you what was the journey of the audience.

10 women who never met before created in 3 weeks a festival


During a two-week residency, isolated in nature in Nakhon Chai Si, a team of women who have never met before try to understand each other, they cook, swim, share intimate stories, exchange artistic skills.


At the core of the residency method is the question: how do we feel together? Why do we have an artistic idea, and how do we create together? As we all come from different countries and backgrounds, we may have disagreements and debates, which can be nourishing but also harming. We always strive for understanding and care, even if taming our ego is a personal responsibility. 


Together, artists carefully work their way toward creating a show of unprecedented form: an exhibition, a performative show, a happening, that the curator calls an "Explosition" where artists have to create Live. 


The night time show opened the doors of the old Bumrungvicha School in Klongsan District, Bangkok, to create an immersive multisensory exhibition which is different from conventional art formats and white cube spaces. It sought to imagine the different shapes, sounds, smells, textures and embodiments of silence from feminist perspectives.

As a Gesamtkunstwerk, the entire space of the school was turned into an Enclosed Garden. Trance-inducing performances, fantasmagorical set designs and political debates framed the concept into an artform impossible to translate or replicate. Rooms focused on rituals of care and liberation; on the domestic spaces that structure childhood, women’s labor, and beliefs in Thai society; on the physical and metaphorical bonds between bodies and territories, colonised on various levels that may differ across the world, yet all present a triangle of domination (oppressor; victim; and witness); and finally, on the imaginative possibilities of undoing harm, remodeling bodies of pain, and caring for each other within a community.

The Heroines’Wave project in 2021 was supported by the Co-Production Fund of the Goethe Institute, by the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen, and the French Embassy in Bangkok, as well as the generous support of private sponsor who preferred to remain anonymous for political reasons but without whom nothing would have been possible.  




Production Manager of TEG #3  (Thailand)

Bussaraporn Thongchai - THAILAND

Production Manager of TEG #3  (Germany)

Diane Barbé - FRANCE

Artistic Director

Celia Stroom - FRANCE

Artists  in  Residence (12)

YunYoung Kim (Korea)
Huiying Ng (Singapore)
Maria Kazvan (Ukraine)
Wilawan Wiangthong (Thailand)
Bussaraporn Thongchai (Thailand)
Celia Stroom (France)
Diane Barbé (France)
Kamonlak Suckchai (Thailand)
Ekaterine Makhatadze (Georgia)
Jomtian Jansomrag (Thailand)
Theeprachan Chaichana (Thailand)

Designers for the exhibition

Janthima Sooksang (Thailand)

Arpharat Visedsinthop (Thailand)

Authaiwan Sayka (Thailand)

Threetases Depayasuwan (Thailand)


A Leg Up Legacy - Chatchai Piupia

Co Production Fund Goethe Institut


Goethe Institut Bangkok

French Embassy Bangkok

Poster - OT - HW - 42 x 59,4.png
Poster - Expo 2021 - HW - 42 x 59,4.png
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