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Waves are undulatory mechanisms; which break onto the shore in many different ways. Twice a year, our waves weave poetic, healing and sincere stories together with commissioned sound artists, spontaneous anonymous testimonials, interviews of pioneers working on intimacy and photographs that make the invisible audible. In the first season, sound curators Diane Barbé & Célia Stroom openly discuss the problematics of isolation, self love, gender identity with Magdalena J. Härtelova, Kim Wichera, Farah Hazim, Susanna Gonzo, Claude Cahun, Judith Butler, Betty Dodson, Audre Lorde, Salomé Voegelin and Sara Ahmed. The W(e)ave is a digital treasure hunt. Find 9 podcasts hidden in 3 collages. Click on eyes, cactus, moon, hands...

A project funded by the Musicboard Berlin Karrieresprungbrett & Heroines'Wave.

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