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on isolation 

Our tapestry "On Isolation" is woven with the elements:


>> Historical activist references <<

Audre Lorde, Poems on Silence, The Black Unicorn, 1978 (5'23)

Salomé Voegelin, Listening to Noise and Silence, 2010 (text)

>> Anonymous testimonial <<

Why can't we break silence? by M.R (1’49)

>> Visual artists <<

For this first season of The Weave, we pay tribute to the surrealist nonbinary photographer Claude Cahun (1894-1954). Their works were reimagined through a collage by the multimedia artist Celia Stroom.

>> Commissioned sound artist <<

On Isolation (29’23). Synthesised sounds designed

and mixing by John Broback & Magdalena J. Härtelova. 

Magdalena J. Härtelova is a curator and artist currently working between Berlin, Prague, and the Bay Area. She runs the Kottbusser Damm 68 apartment gallery in Berlin, is the curator at the Gallery of Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, one half of the Mother Tongues Space project, co-founder of the music and art collective Bellies Berlin, and in addition to her art practice, she is part of two musical projects, lightbush and the Magda & the Aliens band.

She proposes an interview with Celeste Goulding, a social worker based in Oregon, U.S.A. who works with homeless people visiting shelters, with shelter workers and volunteers, youth experiencing housing insecurities, and with housing hosts. In the interview, Magdalena and Celeste talk about not only the isolation of chronically homeless people but everybody. They trace an arc, deliberately constructed by the systemic violence of capitalism and individualism that points to the isolation pervading our lives. Celeste shares her experiences about working with and establishing severe weather shelters in rural Oregon and about the transformation out of prejudices and into cooperation that volunteers in such shelters undergo. 


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