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on self-love

Our tapestry "On Self-Love" is woven with the elements:


>> Historical activist references <<

Betty Dodson, Liberating Masturbation: A Meditation on Self Love, Interview with Carlin Ross, 2017. (43')

Judith Butler, extracts on Gender/Desire from Gender Trouble, 1990 (text)

>> Anonymous testimonial <<

Stillness and I  by A.E. (2’30)

>> Visual artists <<

For this first season of The Weave, we pay tribute to the surrealist nonbinary photographer Claude Cahun (1894-1954). Their works were reimagined through a collage by the multimedia artist Celia Stroom.

>> Commissioned sound artist <<

Notes on Self-Love (19’09).

Synthesised sounds designed by Farah Hazim & Susanna Gonzo.

Created by Farah Hazim & Susanna Gonzo, based on collective interviews, conducted in Berlin in December 2021 for The Weave1. "Notes on self love" is a documentation of a collective research around masturbation and self intimacy. The piece weaves together a series of conversations, sonic explorations, physical experiments and forest walks and suggests possible ways of creating and living with(in) intimate spaces. Desire is not a given truth but a fabricated social field that can be modified under the condition of investing the tools of metaphors and imagination, of poetry and somatic experimentation.– Paul B. Preciado, Contesexual Manifesto, 2018


Farah Hazim (b. 1990) is an intermediate artist and improviser, exploring alternative inquiries into hearing, listening and experiencing within a variety of compositional and improvisational contexts. Their work has been turning towards plural narratives and time-based collaborative projects, creating platforms that tackle the way we understand the reality of media and interconnectivity. desireful of building temporary links and opening spaces for aesthetic interaction between different territories, geographical regions and temporalities in a complexity of “superimposed territories and intertwined histories”. (e. saïd, 1977)


Susanna Gonzo (b. 1990) is engaged with artistic research. She worked as an educator and researcher in several cultural institutions in Italy, Germany and palestine. Since 2019 she is part of the multidisciplinary collective shock forest group, investigating geographic metamorphosis, decolonization, and institutional change through sonic languages. she is also part of the research group  ৺ ෴ ර ∇ ❃ ﹌﹌ , active between Palermo, Napoli and Berlin. The group uses dialogue, self-education, and the re-enactment of rituals and myths as practises of collective inquiry around histories of women in the south of Italy.

The sex educator Betty Dodson (1929-2020) was trained as an artist and exhibited erotic art in New York before pioneering the pro-sex feminist movement. Dodson's empowering workshops encourage women to liberate their body, often in groups through masturbation.



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